Me and My ‘Wonderful’ Sins

Me and My ‘Wonderful’ Sins

I’m not deserve to get a compliment as a pious wife yet, though to be an angel of the heaven is my dream

Nor I could be a good wife and a mother for my lovely family, though I do know Khadijah is the best role model

When some trials come to  my life, it seems sincerity look so hard to escort every singles my weak steps

When I have to be patience, but I wreak my whole bad feelings and deeds like I want to anyone knows that I exceed the limits and I’m a despicable human

When pain hurts so bad, I still ask to God why Your destiny is so vicious ?

When much temptations whisper my bastion, even I still keep my smile in the frame of sins

O Allah if You don’t condone me, to whom I beg for all of those things ?


(I created this poem last year in Indonesian language. And now indeed I want to translate it in English . Hope it’s useful, not because I am better than all of you but remind each others is our duty as His slave)


When The Cricket Comes

Ummm… what I have been doing on this blog these days ??  Just like it kept on the desk and locked for sometimes. Instead of no lacking of times, but yeah there’s nothing I could write down.

Be Nice

niceWhat do you know about this word ? About behaviour ? Attitude ? Or something difficult to do ? Everyone have a right to do anything that they want. But it doesn’t mean we can take action selfishly. Much consideraton that we must think first before saying or doing something. Just being nice, ok ? That simple.

Poor English

Just realized that I havent written about 2 years ! This is my blog with english version. I have another blog in bahasa Indonesia. My english is not even good but I love learn and use this language cause it will connect me with many friends in the whole world. Sometimes when I was chatting with my foreign friends, they got me wrong because of my silliness lol.

Hope I can increase my English. It needs consistency and time exactly. Will it be one of resolution of 2016 ? Just wait and see….


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Brand New Me

Brand New Me

Yaaaayyyy !! C’mon everybody look at Brand New Me !! Lolz

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Does  anyone know this thing ? I’m not sure whether it exists or popular in your country or not. In here, Indonesia we call it cobek or gilingan cabe. Made from stone contains little and big ones.  Most of their color are black or grey. Natural color so that it’s safe for food or seasoning. I guarantee you will never find it with another color even rainbow color lol. Oh sorry, I forgot to explain what that function is. Like we knows, nowadays people use a blender to mash seasoning or any kind of foods. But due to energy saving of electric or natural reason, so many people in Indonesia still use cobek. We use one or both hands to do that. Right hand to mash and left hand to keep big stone not going anywhere. It’s limited for mashing seasoning only, not recommended for fruit or making a juice. Some people can make differents between seasoning which mased by a blender or cobek. It’s about taste feeling. The natural ones will give us more tastely cooking than another one, they said. According to my experience, I feel wonderful thrill when making intact seasoning become spices with my own hands. Great job that I’ve ever done lolz





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